In September 2023, Glam Slam Entertainments had the honor of providing a quintessentially British experience to over 1000 business attendees who had flown in from India to celebrate the success of YES Bank. The prestigious awards ceremony took place at the magnificent Alexandra Palace in London, creating an unforgettable evening for all.

The event unfolded with a grand entrance in the large atrium of Alexandra Palace, where guests were greeted by the essence of everything British. To enhance the atmosphere, we curated a delightful experience featuring a lineup of entertainment that included four stilt walkers, a large brass band, welcoming hostesses exuding grace, and two regal British characters accompanied by Royal Horse Guards.

The evening commenced with a drinks reception, allowing guests to soak in the ambiance of this historic venue. As the main doors swung open, revealing a vast dining hall, the attendees were guided to their seats by our enchanting entertainers. A spectacular parade ensued, featuring our performers circulating around the room, setting the stage for an evening filled with entertainment, awards, and inspiring speeches.

Glam Slam Entertainments took pride in orchestrating a truly British affair, offering an immersive experience that complemented the celebration of YES Bank’s success. The combination of traditional elements, grandeur, and top-notch entertainment created a memorable event at the iconic Alexandra Palace.