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Gatsby and the Roaring Twenties

A Gatsby themed party, inspired by the opulence and glamour of the Roaring Twenties, captures the essence of the Jazz Age and the iconic style of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel “The Great Gatsby.” Here at Glam Slam we offer various Gatsby themed dance act, tap dance shows, saxophonists playing all the best in Jazz, Gatsby costumed walkabout acts, stilt walkers, and more. A Gatsby themed party immerses guests in the elegance, glamour, and excess of the Roaring Twenties, creating an unforgettable experience, let us help you bring you and your guests back in time to this amazing and nostalgic era.

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What our clients say

I just wanted to formally thank youboth for the fantastic show that you put on last night, it really was superb, & I’m really grateful for the effort you have both put in from a creative point of view but also in controlling the budget. The feedback has been very positive & everyone was extremely impressed for all the dancers in the show. So, finally thanks again for following the brief so well & delivering a top show.
Adidas UK
Just wanted to say thank you for organizing the girls and guy for our party yesterday. We were very impressed with all of them both in terms of looks and characters – in particular Sean, Gemma and Nikki who worked incredibly hard from start to finish, were extremely polite and good fun and really entered into the spirit of the day. We’d definitely recommend them to anyone having a similar sort of party.
Let me firstly extend my gratitude for sending me a set of amazing dancers…. I highly recommend all the dancers and they were fantastic ambassadors for your organization.
Sri Lanka Tourism
Just to let you know that your two shot girls were completely fantastic at our charity quiz on 7th March. They looked great and frankly entered the spirit of the evening in a way that I thought was above and beyond! Please thank them from us and I will definitely use them again at a future event. They did you proud.