Flamenco Dancers

Flamenco dancers for every occasion

Here at Glam Slam we are proud to offer the best in Flamenco-inspired entertainment. Flamenco in itself is an inspirational art form; a genre of music and dance typically with great colour and emotional intensity. It has traditional links to Southern Spain, and was first mentioned in literature as early as 1774. Flamenco dancers are typically known for their beautiful dress, bold performances and use of rhythm. This makes it a form of dancing which is fascinating to watch and easy to enjoy.

Our flamenco dancers are professional experts, recognised for their emotionally-charged and engaging performances. To book our Flamenco dancers is to bring a real feel of Spanish culture and tradition to your event. Yet flamenco is elegant as well as offering entertainment value. This makes it an ideal option for formal as well as informal gatherings; so it is a great versatile choice. We have provided dancing services for a range of occasions including opening nights, parties and even business events; nothing is too big or too small.

Bring the best in dancing to your guests

If you enjoy watching the beauty and grace of dancing on the television, why not bring it a step closer with Glam Slam? Our flamenco dancers will treat you to a stunning array of routines with style, with a performance which attracts attention in any room.

Everyone knows that the right entertainment can allow for an event to be transformed from good to excellent. Here at Glam Slam we provide the resources and real talent to allow you to do this. No need to opt for an inevitable karaoke singer or lone musician. Our flamenco dancers will bring an impressive element, whatever your occasion.

Snake Dancers

Snake dancing entertainment to transform your event

Here at Glam Slam we offer talented snake dancers who will charm your guests and turn your event into one to remember! This is an ideal option if you want to impress a crowd and our dancers have already seen success when working at a range of occasions – from parties to festivals. It’s a form of dancing which gives the audience a great adrenaline rush, whilst also being charming and traditional! Therefore you get the best of both when you opt for our snake dancers. Our team is talented and enthusiastic – sure to deliver entertainment with a difference!

Snake dancing can be traditionally known as ‘snake charming’ and is a practice with eastern origins; still performed regularly in countries including India, Pakistan and Egypt. Some snake charmers will pretend to ‘hypnotise’ the snake using a traditional instrument such as a pungi or bansuri. Here at Glam Slam our snake dancers offer a charming service for the modern day. This means they incorporate modern dancing with a snake feature and ensure safety at all times! Our dancers are trained professional ready to put on a show which will impress you for sure.

A unique opportunity

Therefore if you want to get the ultimate form of entertainment – high-adrenaline with a key element of culture – snake dancing is a great consideration. It is an amazing visual spectacle and ensures that guests will be treated to something different. Popular occasions for our snake dancers include fairs and parties; big gatherings where entertainment needs to really make an impression.

Here at Glam Slam we are proud to offer talented snake dancers, complete with inventive routines and innovative costume. Clients who have booked our snake dancers are often quick to comment on how impressive a service they offered and how full of positivity the dancers are.

Entertainment Supplier

Glam Slam – an entertainment supplier like no other

Here at Glam Slam we are proud to provide entertainment in many different forms. We work with talents across a range of areas – including dance, drama, sport and circus just to name a few – to ensure that we can deliver you the best. This means that when you choose us as your entertainment supplier, you can make a choice which is ideal and tailored to your event.

For example, if you are considering a gathering like a party, a dance act can be a great way to add to the energy and positivity! We supply a range of dance troupes and services; capable of impressing guests with a number of styles. We work with talented dancers practicing in a range of genres, including Bollywood, Latin and Flamenco. The amount of choice available means that you can make a selection most appropriate to your event.

Quality kept high

We also offer high-adrenaline dance entertainment. Our Bollywood dancers are recognised for their energetic routines, whilst our snake dancers offer something completely different! When you choose our entertainment supplier services here at Glam Slam you be sure to find something for you. After all, tastes in entertainment differ, and that is what we take very seriously, hence our big range and great offers.

We’ve been working for a number of years to provide top-quality entertainment across a range of events, valuing the enjoyment of our clients as a key priority. Ensure that you browse the website so you can get a real taste of the selections we provide and enhance your event with us today. You certainly won’t be disappointed!

Bollywood Dancers

The best of Bollywood – with our dancing services

Our Bollywood dancers bring the best of Indian glamour to your event. We have a troupe of talented dancers who can bring the sparkle, sound and shine everyone loves!

Having Bollywood dancers at your event is a sure way to bring some excitement and energy! Perhaps you are having a themed party, along with Indian food and snacks – in this case, our dancers are ideal. Yet it is also a form of entertainment suitable for such a wide range of events. If you want to liven up a fair or carnival for example, our Bollywood dancers are an excellent choice. They can also perform at birthday events and party gatherings; especially good for those who enjoy culture as well as glamour!

Enjoy what we have to offer!

Here at Glam Slam, we ensure that we provide you with only the very best entertainment services. Our Bollywood dancers are professional experts, capable of giving guests a great time and enjoying themselves too. After all, clients who have selected the entertainment of our Bollywood dancers often comment on how much positivity they bring to an occasion. Whether your event is small or large, it is possible to bring the beauty and the beats of Bollywood!

Therefore – why not choose dancing which offers a visual spectacular? You can expect bright colours, exciting routines and big smiles from our talented troupes. Our dancers are recognised for their interactive performances; encouraging the audience to smile and get involved – giving you real value for money. We are proud to provide such talent in our entertainment services and hope that you will make a great choice with us.

Latin Dancers

Latin dancers to entertain you

Here at Glam Slam, we offer a wide variety of interactive entertainment from talented performers. Especially popular are our Latin dancers; bringing excitement and elegance to any event. Latin dancing includes exciting forms like the Salsa and Argentine Tango – which will surely have guests grooving along and enjoying themselves. It is a great form of entertainment to watch as part of a big group; and we’ve been providing talented dance troupes for a range of occasions for years.

Ensuring that you have the best possible entertainment is something we take very seriously here at Glam Slam. Therefore all our Latin dancers are fully trained professionals, passionate about what they do. You can expect colourful and exciting routines which make a great visual spectacular for guests of all ages. People have enjoyed the entertainment of our Latin dancers at events including parties, business launches and speech nights.

Make your event special

Choosing Latin dancing for your event can be a sure-winner to impress guests. After all, it is popular form of partner dancing many people will be familiar with. The presence of dancers instantly transforms an occasion and can inject energy into any space. Plus children seem just as captivated by the movement as adults are.

Here at Glam Slam we offer Latin dancer entertainment of the highest quality – and are proud to do so. We offer the most competitive rates and strive to put the requirements of your event first. Whether it’s a business or personal scenario, we will ensure that all present receive entertainment that is second-to-none. We look forward to working with you.

Can Can Dancers

Can can entertainment acts for any occasion!

Yes you can can – with our can can dancer hire services! If you want to bring some recognisably feel-good entertainment to your event, nothing brings in the fun and action better than our can can dancers. They offer a service sure to get guests smiling and up on their feet in no time. Furthermore, this act promises a visual spectacular; with impressive costumes, lively rhythms and lots of energy all in one place.

Here at Glam Slam, we are proud to provide the best in diverse dancing acts. Our can can dancers are trained professionals; so you can expect a flawless routine which looks and sounds great. Having already performed at numerous events – from big corporate occasions to smaller gatherings – our troupe knows what it takes to impress.

An exciting addition to your event

Our can can dancers are well-recognised too for their positivity and interactive quality. They engage with an audience and make all involved feel positive. This makes for an ideal entertainment option to bring guests together at a big seasonal party. People who have already opted for our can can dancing services often remark on how friendly and helpful our dancers are. It makes us proud to offer services with a smile at Glam Slam.

Therefore, make sure to book a grand entertainment option all will appreciate. The can can is a recognisable tune to old and young alike, and to have dancers moving along to the music just takes it to the next level. You surely won’t be disappointed when you choose us, and we offer some of the most affordable rates.

Themed Entertainment

Themed entertainment to fit your event

Our themed entertainment services allow you to perfect your event as you like. Whether you need dancers, singers or musical artists, we can provide the talent here at Glam Slam – and then co-ordinate it to suit the atmosphere of your event. For example, we have worked to provide services to Bollywood-themed parties, as well as carnival and fair-style celebrations. We work to create a bespoke service for your needs, so if you want a colourful occasion which will pack a punch, or something more mysterious, it is no problem. Our talented and diverse artists are experts in the industry and will be happy to help.

We provide a range of services

People have contacted us in a variety of circumstances – some requiring big dancing groups for ambitious corporate events, whilst others desire smaller acts for a more intimate gathering. Here at Glam Slam we aim to provide services for your range of entertainment needs. All our talents are highly-trained and experts in their field, so you can expect the highest quality. We are proud of our service after all, and already hold an extensive network of satisfied clients; some who have been using our themed entertainment services for years. After all, they know we provide the ultimate service, whatever the occasion!

Therefore, no task is too big or too small – whether it’s weird and wonderful, or serious and sophisticated – we can provide a themed entertainment option to suit you. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we will work closely with you to plan what you need to really impress.

African dancers

The best in African dance entertainment!

We offer some of the most renowned African dance acts – suitable for a wide range of events. Whether you want to create a carnival feel, or bring a sense of excitement to a party, our professional dancing troupes will be able to put on a show for your guests.

Here at Glam Slam, our African dancers are trained professionals, experts in what they do. All regard customer satisfaction seriously too – therefore fine-tuning their routines to suit your requirements and timescale. The dancers are also recognised for their interactive quality; establishing a positive vibe with the audience and encouraging people to get involved! People who have chosen our African dancing services for their event have often remarked at how effective it was in bringing everyone together.

Authentic and interesting

When you opt for our African dancers, you can be sure of unique yet authentic entertainment. No longer do guests have to feel bored by bland options. Our service offers the best of authentic action, along with costume and music; so a real visual spectacular. You can be sure that people will not go home disappointed. Plus, dancing is a versatile option, so suitable for varied gatherings – people can join in if they like or just sit and watch. It is just as suitable for adults as it is for children, and it’s this universality we value here at Glam Slam.

At Glam Slam we are proud to offer our African dancers and entertainment services at some of the most affordable rates. After all, the want to give guests a good time should not come with excessive cost!

Themed Dancers

Energetic themed dancing for your event

Our themed dancers make for ideal event entertainment and a sure way to impress guests. Having a dance display can be an easy way of adding colour and light to the mood of any occasion; something which is often needed (and appreciated) after a long day. Dancing is a fun activity which is pleasant and not too-taxing to watch, meaning there is suitability for old and young audiences alike.

Here at Glam Slam we have range of fully trained professional dancers; often able to incorporate a theme to suit your requirements. An example of our recent success is in the form of an Indian-themed event which took place recently in Birmingham, at the Forest of Aden Hotel. We provided a full Bhangra Troupe complete with Bollywood dancers and bhangra drummers – therefore adding a real authentic feel to the occasion. Guests were seriously impressed and the hosts highly pleased with our services. After all, here at Glam Slam we believe that every event is worthy of quality entertainment.

Performances with positivity!

Themed dancers are available at highly affordable rates when you choose Glam Slam. Whatever your event, we will attempt to work and extend our services to it your needs. For example, our dancers have already performed across a range of venues – indoors and outdoors – including hotels, halls, offices, homes and stages. The adaptability and affordability of our services are two factors the business adheres very strongly to; and the proof is in the popularity of what we do. The interactive quality of the dancing is particularly enjoyed – offering workshops which encourage the audience to get up and take part themselves!

African Drummers

The best event entertainment

Here at Glam Slam we are proud to provide exciting and authentic acts of entertainment for a range of events. Particularly popular is our African drumming; carried out by trained individuals capable of creating the best traditional music. Furthermore, our drummers can perform whilst wearing some of the most impressive authentic outfits; therefore giving a real dramatic feel for Africa. Whether you want a colourful finale to a party, or desire a high-impact feature to draw an event to a close, our African drumming makes an ideal option.

Our African Drumming has already been popular at a range of events this year – including parties, ceremonies and birthdays. It is an effective choice which will have guests immediately captivated – and even wanting to have a go themselves.

Because drumming involves only the best performers and musical instruments, this means it is suitable for a variety of ages – and can be enjoyed by old and young alike. It can be particularly enthralling for children. After all, our drumming has already been received well at a number of family events – and long may this continue!

Here at Glam Slam, you can trust us to deliver the best in African Drumming talent to your event. Our team of drummers are fully-trained and friendly, plus we ensure that all is carefully organised to ensure high-impact entertainment on the day of your choice. Our services will be carefully co-ordinated to suit your requirements, timescale and budget as closely as possible. It’s no wonder that we are regarded as experts in the field, highly passionate about what we do.

Tequila shot girls

Tequila shot girls

Tequila Shot Girls

As well as supplying all the beautiful themed shot girls to private parties, corporate events and Barmitzvahs , Glam Slam also supplies shot girls to clubs and bars all over london working purely on a commission only basis, this is great for any venue as the shot girls are great at bringing in extra revenue for the venue and help to increase bar sales. Continue reading