Tequila shot girls

Tequila shot girls

Tequila Shot Girls

As well as supplying all the beautiful themed shot girls to private parties, corporate events and Barmitzvahs , Glam Slam also supplies shot girls to clubs and bars all over london working purely on a commission only basis, this is great for any venue as the shot girls are great at bringing in extra revenue for the venue and help to increase bar sales.

The shot girls can be in themed outfits supplied by us or can be styled more elegantly to go with the decor of the venue, they can sell any popular drink such as sambuca, jager bombs or Tequila

Shot girls are usually booked at venues with a capacity of over 200 and work usually on busy nights like Fridays and Saturdays, all our shot girls are trained and are full aware of the responsible drinking code

Shot girls also work very well at private parties and functions, we have over 30 costume choices for the shot girls and can also cater for shot guys too with many gorgeous male models within the agency, we can email you options of the models to choose from if you have a specific look in mind

As we have been supplying shot girls and guys up and down the country and even abroad for over 14 years. We know exactly the type of personality we look for when casting for our shot girls and guys, for us  a confident interactive  fun loving personality is the main criteria we look for which always adds glamour and energy to any party.

See below some of our shot girls in action at various events from 40th birthday parties to Barmitzvahs, weddings, corporate parties and more , Tequila shot girls and guys are a great ice breaker and are a sure bet in getting any party going!!