Themed Entertainment

Themed entertainment to fit your event

Our themed entertainment services allow you to perfect your event as you like. Whether you need dancers, singers or musical artists, we can provide the talent here at Glam Slam – and then co-ordinate it to suit the atmosphere of your event. For example, we have worked to provide services to Bollywood-themed parties, as well as carnival and fair-style celebrations. We work to create a bespoke service for your needs, so if you want a colourful occasion which will pack a punch, or something more mysterious, it is no problem. Our talented and diverse artists are experts in the industry and will be happy to help.

We provide a range of services

People have contacted us in a variety of circumstances – some requiring big dancing groups for ambitious corporate events, whilst others desire smaller acts for a more intimate gathering. Here at Glam Slam we aim to provide services for your range of entertainment needs. All our talents are highly-trained and experts in their field, so you can expect the highest quality. We are proud of our service after all, and already hold an extensive network of satisfied clients; some who have been using our themed entertainment services for years. After all, they know we provide the ultimate service, whatever the occasion!

Therefore, no task is too big or too small – whether it’s weird and wonderful, or serious and sophisticated – we can provide a themed entertainment option to suit you. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we will work closely with you to plan what you need to really impress.