Snake Dancers

Snake dancing entertainment to transform your event

Here at Glam Slam we offer talented snake dancers who will charm your guests and turn your event into one to remember! This is an ideal option if you want to impress a crowd and our dancers have already seen success when working at a range of occasions – from parties to festivals. It’s a form of dancing which gives the audience a great adrenaline rush, whilst also being charming and traditional! Therefore you get the best of both when you opt for our snake dancers. Our team is talented and enthusiastic – sure to deliver entertainment with a difference!

Snake dancing can be traditionally known as ‘snake charming’ and is a practice with eastern origins; still performed regularly in countries including India, Pakistan and Egypt. Some snake charmers will pretend to ‘hypnotise’ the snake using a traditional instrument such as a pungi or bansuri. Here at Glam Slam our snake dancers offer a charming service for the modern day. This means they incorporate modern dancing with a snake feature and ensure safety at all times! Our dancers are trained professional ready to put on a show which will impress you for sure.

A unique opportunity

Therefore if you want to get the ultimate form of entertainment – high-adrenaline with a key element of culture – snake dancing is a great consideration. It is an amazing visual spectacle and ensures that guests will be treated to something different. Popular occasions for our snake dancers include fairs and parties; big gatherings where entertainment needs to really make an impression.

Here at Glam Slam we are proud to offer talented snake dancers, complete with inventive routines and innovative costume. Clients who have booked our snake dancers are often quick to comment on how impressive a service they offered and how full of positivity the dancers are.