Flamenco Dancers

Flamenco dancers for every occasion

Here at Glam Slam we are proud to offer the best in Flamenco-inspired entertainment. Flamenco in itself is an inspirational art form; a genre of music and dance typically with great colour and emotional intensity. It has traditional links to Southern Spain, and was first mentioned in literature as early as 1774. Flamenco dancers are typically known for their beautiful dress, bold performances and use of rhythm. This makes it a form of dancing which is fascinating to watch and easy to enjoy.

Our flamenco dancers are professional experts, recognised for their emotionally-charged and engaging performances. To book our Flamenco dancers is to bring a real feel of Spanish culture and tradition to your event. Yet flamenco is elegant as well as offering entertainment value. This makes it an ideal option for formal as well as informal gatherings; so it is a great versatile choice. We have provided dancing services for a range of occasions including opening nights, parties and even business events; nothing is too big or too small.

Bring the best in dancing to your guests

If you enjoy watching the beauty and grace of dancing on the television, why not bring it a step closer with Glam Slam? Our flamenco dancers will treat you to a stunning array of routines with style, with a performance which attracts attention in any room.

Everyone knows that the right entertainment can allow for an event to be transformed from good to excellent. Here at Glam Slam we provide the resources and real talent to allow you to do this. No need to opt for an inevitable karaoke singer or lone musician. Our flamenco dancers will bring an impressive element, whatever your occasion.