Stilt Walkers

Stilt walkers for outdoor events and private parties

Supplied to London and the Uk

Glam Slam supply a wide variety of stilt walkers for events and parties. All our stilt walker acts are highly trained and fully insured performers that will add to the atmosphere using striking costumes and stilt walking techniques. We have over 100 costumes to choose from, the below costumes are just a small sample of what we offer, over the years we have helped nightclubs, weddings, birthdays, family fun days and festivals all over the UK come alive with our highly interactive stilt walkers

These stilt walkers can be seen at many outdoor festivals up and down the country see a list of festivals here


We can provide you peg stilt walkers or the plaster stilts see further information here on stilt walking

Call or email today and we can send you all our stilt walkers that are suited to the style of event you have 020 88920306

Book Stilt Walkers

Book Stilt Walkers in London and around the UK and get interactive performance for your guests and themed nights to make your event stand out.


stilt walkers for weddings and events
birds of paradise costumes in fabulous striking colours
Stilt walkers for weddings events launches
Disco Balls high in the sky, these really do shine and sparkle and are fun and interactive too
Flower head stilt walkers

Our Cute flower head stilt walker are great for garden parties, weddings outdoor festivals
Flamingos on stilts

Our bright and summery flamingos are a beautiful addition to any summer party
Lion stilt walker

Our gorgeous Lion with ringmaster great for any wildlife or jungle themed events
Animal stilt walkers

We have a lion, zebra and giraffe on stilts , these roam around in the style of these majestic african Beauties
Tiger on stilts

Our Tiger on stilts is great for any wildlife themed event , we also have a Lion zebra and Giraffe on stilts also !
long fringe stilts

These elegant couture stilt walkers which we have 2 of are very unique and have the wow factor

stilt walkers

These LED butterflies on stilts can be booked in many different colours, not just white

Butterfly stilt walkers

Our beautiful Butterflies on stilts can come with LED wings to glow in the night

These amazing costumes have so much details to them you have to see them up close to realise the beauty of each costume , they also come with beautiful LED lights inside to
British themed stilts

We have lots of British themed entertainment with the agency including these stilt costumes


stilt walker
These posh ladies on stilts will happily turn to an opening of an envelope if you book them, and they are so very charming
stilt walkers
flower stilts
stilt walkers
beautiful butterflies on stilts
stilt walkers
Look at these very cute bees on stilts, great for garden parties, family events
stilt walkers
These funky bright and very colourful stilts are great for colourful occasions
stilt walkers
these elegant ballerinas on stilts are unique as they effortlessly glide around on their point stilts
stilt walkers
These light up stilt costumes are made with the highest of quality and are bound to get your guests talking
stilt walkers
These bright and colourful stilt walkers are a perfect choice for a fun family occassion



stilt walkers
The attention to detail on this luminares costumes are breath taking, if you want your event to be memorable, these are the stilts to book
Candy coloured stilt walkers
These colourful and stunning outfits are very bold and eye catching, these are the candy coloured stilt walkers
Pop idol stilt walkers fun fun fun!
These fun pop idol lookalike characters are great for interaction at festivals and other outdoor events, we have many of these
British styled stilt walkers
Fly the flag with these beautiful best of british outfits great for any royal celebrations!
Stilt walkers to entertain and greet your guests
Our fun and cheeky ballroom vintage style costumes
gangsta granny style stilt walkers
Our comedy gangsta granny style stilt walkers, great for nightclubs and social events
LEd stilt walkers
These Led costumes on peg stilts light up a room or outdoor event beautifully
glamorous showgirls on stilts
These glamorous showgirls on stilts are great eye catchers for nightclub launches or fun birthday parties and other glamorous events
Our Blue interactive stilt walker
This costume is great for family fun days and is eye catching for any event
Stilt walkers based in London
These Fun Filled pink ladies on penstilts are interactive and quirky
neon style Stilt walkers london based
We have all styles of Stilt walkers great for nightclubs, here are our neon glam girls ready to party!
circus style stilt walkers london based
We have these in red and black or yellow and black fun circus style stilt costumes
4 and 2 legged stilt walkers london based
These 2 and 4 legged stilt walkers are very unique and great for an outdoor event
Gatsby style stilt walkers supplied all over london and Uk
These gatsby girls on Stilts are a great addition to a Gatsby night which is one of the most popular themes of parties this year
pink and purple flowers on stilts
Our pink and purple flowers on stilts are great for weddings garden parties and other outdoor festivals
stilt walkers for hire
Our beautiful ballerinas can be booked on stilts or on foot
Tree stilt walkers
Our fabulous and unique tree stilt walkers, great for festivals and forest themed events
stilt walkers for hire
Our willy wonka on stilt
stilt walkers
Air hostess stilt walkers
stilt walker
flamingo on stilts
stilt walkers
stilt walkers suitable for any asian themed event
stilt walkers
LED glam stilt walkers
LED stiltr walkers
LED stilt walkers
stilt walkers wild west
Wild west style stilt walkers

ALi G on stilts

shining and colourful LED stilt walkers
These amazing costumes with colourful LED lights look magnificent at any event



LEd light themed stilt walkers
These amazing arcadian stilt walkers are visually stunning, great for any Diwalli light themed event 




Please contact us for even more choice on stilt walkers, we have over 100 styles to choose from based in London and the rest of the UK