Entertainment for Events

Entertainment for Events

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Forest of arden Hotel in Birmingham.

The Savoy Hotel 

Most of our dancers from all around the world love to interact with their audience as part of their shows, this is a great way for people to really feel apart of the country they may be celebrating on their themed event to discover the art of the chosen dance for instance bollywood dance

Glam Slam can even provide fun interactive work shops as Entertainment for an event, where they first perform a show to demonstrate  and then get guests up following their moves, this works well with Jive dancers, Salsa dancers, ballroom dancers and many other themed dancers from around the world we have , look through our site and see our dancers from around the world  where you will find a list of authentic dancers to entertain your guests at any themed event you may have


See below photo of just some of the themed dancers and shows we can supply to entertain at your event!



African dancers
African dancers in action














Brazilian dancers
Brazilian dancers at an event