Mirror Themed Entertainment

Mirror Themed Entertainment


Mirror themed entertainment is a fairly new concept of costume design and we bring many types of entertainment and walkabout acts to life with dazzling fragments of tiny mirror pieces which reflect the light beautifully and light up the room with show stopping costumes, see just some of the mirrored options below

Mirror costumed musicians

These super talented musicians consist of sax, electric Violin and percussion, can be booked as a trio or solo musicians

These awesome and unique mirror disco Bunnies are party starters and mingle experts so much fun to have at a party and a popular for selfies!
Disco ball heads

Disco ball heads are a dazzling walkabout or dance act great for 70’s , futuristic and any disco themed event, ours even have the option of LED lights inside


Shot Girls

Shot Girls

Tequila girls and shot girls for parties events
Gold or silver bond style cat suits to hand out shots

Shot Girls and Tequila Girls

Glam Slam was the original shot girl company that started supplying way back in 2001, we are the most established and successful company, having supplied hundreds of bars and clubs as well as parties and corporate events over the last 14 years, we have amassed a huge selection of fabulous costumes over the years to supply our stunning shot girls and guys in and all our shot serving models have been selected for the personalities as well as looks,

We only supply the best looking models and we can email over photos of the selected shot person for your approval before any event.

Our guys are great at interacting and bringing in a fun atmosphere to the occasion, they can serve vodka shots, Tequila slammers jager bombs , anything you want!

Our tequila girls and guys have been booked at some amazing parties over the years, from Royalty to very famous rock star parties, barmitzvahs at Claridges, the Savoy, The Dorchester and other very Glamorous hotels, we also never forget the smaller atmospheric parties that we get invited to serve shots at all over the country in peoples houses, marquees and other hired locations


showgirls handing out shots
Our beautiful Led showgirls to hand out shots and mingle

LED walkabout Bar hostess

Amazing new LEd walkabout drinks bars to serve guests shots or champagne! the bar that comes to you!See our short video example on you tube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze-yCU7Kmh8&feature=youtu.be

walkabout drinks bar

Amazing new concept by Glam Slam is our new Led flashing drinks bar that comes to you with everything you need!

Hire our shot girls and tequila girls
Tequila shot girls in either gold silver or black cat suits.
LED walkabout Bar
Our bespoke unique walkabout drinks bar , great for handing out shots and serving wine to guests whilst the whole table flashes many LED colours!
Led flashing walkabout drinks bar
Our brand new innovative walkabout shot/drinks bar, flashing Led lights , make this very visual at any party.
Showgirl themed shot girls for your event.
Our showgirl themed shot girls can be supplied in many colours.
Glam Slam shot girls in white.
Shot girls in white outfits supplied for a batmitzvah.
Hire western themed tequila shot girls.
We supply and hire western themed shot girls. Great for wild west nights , to hand out Tequila, Vodka and mostly all other types of spirits.
Bunny shot girls supplied for events.
Bunny themed shot girls for ultimate glamour.
Burlesque themed shot girls for events.
Burlesque themed shot girls working at Natural History Museum event.
Event shot girls dressed in alice in wonderland outfits.
Alice in Wonderland shot girls for events.

Our Alice in Wonderland themed models have also served for Richard Branson’s son Sam Branson, at Sir Richard Branson’s house. We supplied over 20 serving models in fabulous Wonderland themed outfits and as you can imagine the night and event was one of the best we have ever had the pleasure to work at.

Futuristic drinks dispenser girls working at an event.
Futuristic outfit drinks dispenser girls.

As you can see from our photos, we love to dress our guys and girls in themed outfits these you see are only a small selection of what we have in our huge array of costumes. We can also cater for a more conservative style with matching dresses in lots of different colours.

Our shot girls have been briefed in responsible drinking and we have in the past been approved by the biggest drinks company in the world, Diageo. The Glam Slam company director is aware of the policy on responsible drinking to ensure guests have a great time without going overboard.

Jägerbombs are a new craze of shots for our models to serve. Of course they bring a fun energy to the party and seem to be hugely popular in the bars and clubs we supply shot girls to.

Devil shot girls outfits.
Devil shot girls ready for another Glam Slam event.
Test tube roller babes entertaining at an event.
Test tube themed roller babes hired at an event.
Latin style shot girls serving tequila.
Latin style shot girls working at a tequila event.




Hire our karaoke machines and singer comperes to add fun to your night, we supply the screens the books with 1,000’s of song lists to choose from and of course the pencils and song slips,

Give us a call today to discuss your event so that we  quote and supply you the right equipment to suit your event and venue, For smaller low budget events we can just supply the equipment needed on our bronze package or for larger events we supply everything you need along with a great singer compere to make sure the night is simply the best!!

Please call us today on 020 88920306

karaoke equipment supplied
Our Karaoke equipment we supply can start from as little as £150.00 depending on how small your party is
karaoke machines and comperes
karaoke equipment and comperes to suit all events big or small we have many different packages






Photo booths are the the most popular option to have at events in the last 5 years. They capture the moment whilst making it fun and really interactive They suit all events from birthday parties to weddings to corporate and children’s parties too!!  have a look on https://weddingplanner.co.uk to see how popular they are at weddings and other special occasions. We have supplied ours all over the country…

Photo booths come with Party prop boxes, so that you can dress up and really have fun with your photos, and if your event is themed we will offer matching props to suit the theme of your night, we have a few packages that come with the photo booths for you to choose from, so just get in touch and we will email over cost and whats on offer! 

Also shown below are other  fun ways to capture your evening with pictures from our fabulous Selfie mirror to our LED photo frames that walk around taking pics with guests inside the glowing LED frames, these can be supplied with a glamorous male or female host in a selection of fun themed outfits to suit, so whether your space is large or small or your budget high or low we have options to cater for you.

Contact us for any of our photo booths or other photographic capturing moments below on 020 88920306

photo booths
We have many styles of photo booths in lots of colours
Photo booths supplied for all occasions
photo booths supplied
Photo booths in many shapes and colours supplied by Glam Slam




LED frames
We also supply many different LED photo frames, these can walk around capturing your guests happy faces inside the glowing frames
Singing Waiters

Singing Waiters


Singing Waiters can be supplied in many styles from our amazing operatic trained singers to our pop, jazz and motown styles, they all start with greeting guests at the beginning of the night blending in perfectly as waiters at the event and then orchestrate the best surprise ever by bursting out into song later on 

Your guests will not suspect a thing as they serve with  charm and professionalism; getting to know guests and getting them used to the fact they are there to serve, all our singers have amazing vocals, and beautiful harmonies, they bring a fabulous twist to the evening, we can plan with you before the event to make sure they customise the surprise to suit your type of event and setting 

singing waiters
singing waiters supplied in all styles from opera to jazz to pop
singing waiters
singing waiters operatic or pop jazz or motown!

Flash Mobs

Flash Mobs


What a great unsuspecting twist to your event or celebration, a dancing flash mob that come in disguise as waiters or general public that then burst into dance with one dancer then two to build up a great finale with a group of flash mob dancers all performing the same routines, which often brings the whole room into a frenzy of dancing and singing, we work with you to tailor make the surprise, you can even choose the songs that you would like them to perform to, they often wear uniform or unsuspecting clothing and later on reveal surprise T shirts when they burst into the flash mobs, these T shirts can also have your own message on too.

flash mobs
flash mobs , these dancers start as serving staff or general public then slowley come together to form a fabulous unsuspecting performance for your guests
flash mobs
flash mobs for all occasions from 3 to as many dancers as your event wants
flash mobs
flash mobs to surprise your guests


Stage Shows

Stage Shows


Mirror ball act
Highly Skilled valerie performs a mixture of acro balance, hand balancing and contortion on this dazzling large disco ball, an amazing event opener
Aerial heart prop
A beautiful large Heart prop , accommodates aerial acts, hand balancing, singers and more inside this beautiful heart frame
aerial star frame show
This star frame prop can showcase acts from aerial to contortion, singers and aerial hoop
crystaline dance act
This Crystaline dance act is breathtaking and elegant with a mixture of contemporary and balletic movement
Acro balance
Ali and Klod our acro balance duo show



balancing act
Elegant and skill full, our Chandelier balancing act
LED cyr wheel act
One of a kind Cyr wheel with built in LED lights for a wow factor act which lights up the room
Sphere act
Amazingly talented artist, this act has travelled the world with his unique sphere act
Cube act
A ground based spinning Cube act by serg, unique stage show
Western cabaret act
Sexy Western cabaret act incorporating, knife throwing, gun slinging and whip cracking
snow globe
Stunning globe show act, we can supply many acts within this beautiful globe
Aerial acts
Revolving carousel freestanding aerial show beautiful for weddings or corporate events
Sword swallower
Livia our amazing sword swallowing performer, bringing glamour to this circus side show
babes and blades
This highly impactual show , bringing martial arts , dance and glamour to the stage show
balletic flag show
Beautiful balletic flag show
ribbon dancers
Gymnastic colourful ribbon dance stage show act
optio dance shows
Optioscopes, stage show , beautiful flowing costumes filled with optic lights, giving off dazzling effects to their performance
LED ribbon act
Lights built into colourful ribbons working beautifully within their contemporary dance shows
Ribbon ball dance show
Ribbon ball and dance all rolled into one amazing show
bed of nails
Sexy bed of nails side show cabaret act
strongman act
leo the stage show strongman
hula hoop acts
Hula hoop stage shows by Craig who brings comedy skill and showmanship to all of his acts
hoola hoop and fire act
Our fabulous BGT semi finalist, hula hoop and fire act
LED drum show
LED drum show great for outdoor events or opening of an event
LED shows
LED stage show using many differant skills and high tech equipment
juggling duo act
juggling duo stage show act
magician and illusion
Kels the magician and compere incorporates magic illusion and mind reading into his magical stage shows





Beth Contortion snake act
birthday contortion act
Great for birthday parties this unique act, brings the wow factor to the birthday cake
Claudia is one of the most talented flexible contortionists in the uk, and has many acts she performs with her skills
This Broken doll contortion act can be great for story book and circus themed events
contortion act
Fun business man comedy act getting all in a twist with his contortion
contortion act
Stunning bespoke chandalier table contortion act
Contortion drink serving double act! your guests will be amazed



Halloween Entertainment

Halloween Entertainment

Halloween is one of our favourite times of year and we have some incredible Halloween entertainment acts to mix a bit of gore with your glam!

We can supply all styles of Halloween entertainment, such as spooky stilt walkers, scary Halloween human statues, scare actors, Halloween freak shows, face painters, in fact most of the acts you see in all the other pages can also be spookily made to fit in with Halloween by way of Halloween costumes and spooky make up.  Many of the scare actors costumes and make up can be based around many Halloween films from the past 

Below is just some of the Halloween entertainment we can offer, so please also email or call us with your enquiry and we will send over all the Halloween entertainment that we think may suit your individual event

Happy Halloween!!

halloween walkabout
Amazing couture walkabout Halloween character by syban
halloween entertainment
Zombie installation by Syban
halloween entertainment
freaky halloween china dolls by Charlie and co 
Mini Halloween characters for mingling
Mini Halloween characters for mingling
skeleton heads walkabout
skeleton heads walkabout
freaky zombie doll for halloween
freaky zombie doll
halloween entertainment
Halloween contact ball jugglers great to mesmerise on a walkabout set
This halloween walkabout act also has freaky circus side show skills she entertains and spooks guests with
Halloween entertainment
spooky pierrot style clown by Johnny can be booked as a statue , a living instalation or a mingle artist
Halloween entertainment
couture zombie by Harry, this artist can either stay static to scare guests at the event or spookily walks about, this act is a picture of Halloween!
Halloween entertainment
scare actors with great costumes and make up
Halloween entertainment
Couture Halloween walkabout entertainment at its best with this spooky character by Harry
Glitter zombie by Johnny, glamorous, freaky Halloween entertainment
Add a spark to your Halloween with our gorgeous angle grinders
Exceptional fire performers
Exceptional fire performers
grim reaper stilts halloween
Grim reaper stilt walkers are sure to freak your guests out
baby scary halloween
Whats scarier than babies?! These Halloween walkabout babies are haunting if a little comedic too


clown halloween fram LED
Super creepy clowns with our fabulous LED heart frame
Day of the dead snake artist, these snake artists are great for walkabout and also perform snake shows on stage 
spider web halloween
Our captivating spider aerial act, great for venues that allow rigging and have high ceilings
walkabout contortion act
walkabout contortion act
halloween shot girls. . . .
halloween shot girls. . . .
Masked Cat milk act
Masked Cat milk act
devil stilt walker
Our not so little devils on stilts
dwarves halloween clown
Our halloween clown dwarves are just a little scary!
sideshow halloween
Sexy body stapling acts…And yes… thats all real blood
halloween zombie
Anyone fancy a picnic with these guys??
Skeleton dancers
Skeleton dancers
Crazy Pain freak show acts
Christmas Entertainment

Christmas Entertainment

Glam Slam book Christmas entertainment in London, at it’s festive best. Give us a call the below is only a small taste of our amazing selection.

Glam Slam can make your Christmas party or event one to remember, with an unbeatable range of Christmas entertainment and affordable prices per performer we have a huge array of Christmas Entertainment to offer you.

See some of the Christmas entertainment below, we can supply full stage shows or great Christmas themed walkabout acts to entertain your guests , we have everything from Arial to walkabout santas, Christmas themed stilt walkers , Sexy Santa shot girls, our beautiful festive living tables to serve guests, comedy acrobatic elves, jack Frost and Contortionist flexible santas, our very funny walkabout talking Christmas trees, we have a breakdance crew called the Elf hazard, we are constantly updating our roster of Christmas themed artists, so please contact the agency for a selection of Christmas themed Entertainment to suit your evening.

Manager: Ms Theresa Tilley

Tel: 0208 892 0306
Email: info@glamslamentertainments.com

beautiful christmas instalation

wind up nutcracker ballerina
wind up nutcracker ballerina
Ice Queen Contact juggling
Ice Queen Contact juggling
Festive Hula Hoops
Festive Hula Hoops
Winter themed burlesque shows
Winter themed burlesque shows
elegant snow globe acro
elegant snow globe acro

ariel champagne by tink

Christmas Angel

In great demand are our fabulous festive shot girls who will help you create a sexy Christmas atmosphere with a lacing of tequila.

Santa shot girls make great christmas entertainment
Christmas Shot Girls


Snow Angel Light Performer

A beautiful walkabout snow flake LED act great for a visual stage show or meet and greet , this is a very unique act and a great entertainment idea for C hristmas

Christmas Ice Fairy

Our beautiful light up Christmas Fairy she will do mingle walkabout for 3 x 30 min sets and looks stunning in darker light

Acro Christmas

These comedy elves are great for shopping centres or maybe at the reception drinks slot at any type of party they are acrobatic and contort their bodies together , making almost unhuman shapes, they are interactive with guests and will get all the party laughing with their comical antics


XMAS Ballerinas

These are our beautiful balletic ballerinas on Stilts , they add that Nutcracker style theme to your event they usually walkabout for 3 x 30 min sets, the agency has over 100 stilt artists and have many more that are Christmas themed just contact us for more of our christmas themed stilt walkers

Christmas Lighted Walking Tables

These are our stunning new LED walkabout tables to serve drinks or canapees, we have many styles and colours to suit your theme or decor so just ask us and we can send you more images of all of them

Christmas Lighted Stilt Walkers

]These are our beautiful optioscopes they can either be booked as a show or for mingle ambient dancing around the area, their costumes look beautul and shine brightly when the light has been dimmed, these costumes can also come in multi colours as well as the white ones

Fat Santas

These are the funny fat santas great for walkabout, you cant help but laugh and feel cheery if you see them , festive and comical all the way for these Christmas artists

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

We have many Santa claus artists , some really authentic looking Santas with real white beautiful beards all are CRB checked and most have worked in the very famous department stores of london such as Harrods  bringing festive cheer to all the children and adults around

Festive Living Table

These are our very bespoke living tables, they are styled beautifully and are very unique, they can serve food or drinks, and are a great way to make sure your guests are either topped up or filled with fabulous canapes at all times

Christmas Faun on Stilts

Above is just one of our many Christmas themed stilt walkers, please do ask us to send you all our christmas themed stilt walkers to look at we really do have so many to choose from

Festive Icy Walkabouts

Great for walkabout you can book 1 2 or 3 of these enchanting characters, and have your photos with them as a great momento of your Christmas party

Masked Show Girl Tables

These living tabhles come in various sizes and styles and we can also dress them to whatever style or colour you want, they are normally great for the drinks reception and usually stay there serving guests for 1.5 hrs, we have LED tables like the above and these help them a Christmas party beautifully

Father Twistmas

The very comical Father twistmus he mingles around getting himself into a right Christmas muddle with his body contorting to usual shapes, another great character to have your photo taken with at a christmas party

Fun Christmas Elves Act
Light Show for Christmas Event
Walking Candy Canes
Christmas Snow Girls on Stilts
Christmas Ice King and Queen on Stilts
Christmas Elf Statue
Walking Talking Christmas Trees
Silk Skater Girls

These beautiful aerial artists hang beautifully from the ceiling, we have many styles of Christmas costumes that they can wear, many artists with Glam Slam have travelled around the world with circus shows and are also highly skilled in other

Christmas Snow Queen Act
Great Christmas themed breakdancers who will perform a very impactual show
A walkabout Christmas comedy bauble
A walkabout Christmas comedy bauble
a comedy christmas cabaret show
comedy christmas cabaret

This is a great christmas comedy cabaret act , he manages to find his way into the balloon whilst its still inflated and then bursts out as santa, please ask for video showreel of this great act to watch and see for yourself!

Christmas themed living tables

We have a huge array of differant christmas themed living tables, please ask us to email you all our options , these are great to festively serve your guests at any christmas party or event

Christmas themed jack frost walkabout act
Christmas themed jack frost walkabout act

Our fabulous light up jack frost character , he’s very interactive and great for walkabout or meet and greet at your party or event

ice acro statues
ice acro statues
Santas little bouncy helper
Santas little bouncy helper

We have so many Christmas themed acts and entertainers to choose from the above acts are only a small selection of what we have, please contyact us for more info on these and all our other acts, we will make sure your Christmas party is magical and most certainly affordable!

Call 0208 892 0306 now to check availability. or email us on info@glamslamentertainments.com

Burlesque dancers

Burlesque dancers

Burlesque artists Supplied by Glam Slam Entertainments, we have over 30 artists and troupes to choose from the agency

Glam Slam have been supplying Burlesque artists ever since its revival back into the mainstream about 10 years ago, since then we have supplied artists to Mick Jaggers private event, nightclubs across the country, some corporate events that like to be risqué! and a vast amount of private events.

We have some very renowned  artists that have won acclaim and awards for their art, as well as beautiful new and exciting artists too.

We are always keeping a look out for who and what’s new  by attending showcases and keeping an eye out for new talent, so that our clients can benefit from the best in Burlesque! whether it be the more vintage traditional style or the slightly quirky neo burlesque

Glam Slam burlesque dancers act

Carrie you see above is the Dita Von Tesse Lookalike for the UK, she can be booked with large props or her large feathered costumes

Burlesque is theatrical entertainment that encompasses comedy, tongue in cheek style humour that often contains tasteful stripping to knickers and nipple Tassles

Our artists shows usually last up to 10 minutes some can incorporate props some work with their glamorous costumes alone, they can often perform 2 separate shows in one evening, and can then mingle with guests for a short while afterwards for photos and a brief chat.

Beau Rocks Burlesque
Elegant Sword burlesque
Elegant Sword burlesque
sword swallower
Super sexy sword swallower!
mermaid burlesque
Mesmerizing mermaids
twin tophat
Double trouble with these tophat twins

Smiles and sparkles with our gorgeous Katrina

burlesque duo
Amazingly stunning twins perform burlesque shows to dazzle your guests
White Dress Burlesque
Frills to kill!
Rouge Burlesque Dancers
Rouge Dancer Trio
Monroe Burlesque Dancer
Monroe lookalike Dancer
classic burlesque
Our stunning classic burlesque beauty Betsy

Burlesque Dance
Burlesque Dance
Champagne Burlesque Dancer
Champagne Burlesque Dancer
Cabrouge Burlesque
Red Showgirl number
Casino Burlesque Dancer
Bird cage Dancer
Balloon Burlesque Act
Balloon Act
Card Burlesque Dancer
En Pointe Card Act
Sparkles Burlesque Dancer
Cupcake Blonde beauty
Fan Burlesque Dance
Feather Fan Dance
Burlesque Dance Act
Ring leader Dance Act
Rouge Burlesque
Alternative Balloon Act
Gwendoline Burlesque Dancer
Glamour at its finest with this burlesque queen

We have over 30 artists and troupes to choose from so please do contact us today either on email or by phone and we would be delighted to help with your event

                                                                 contact us today on   info@glamslamentertainments.com

Call 0208 892 0306 to book