In December 2023, we took on the role of casting more female participants for the highly anticipated new installment of the Sidemen’s YouTube series, “20v2.” The Sidemen, a group of seven British YouTubers, boast an impressive following of over 20 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. As the main casting director for the Sidemen since 2019, we’ve had the privilege of contributing talent to over 50 of their YouTube videos.

For the video filmed in December, our task was to cast and introduce 20 girls of diverse looks and captivating personalities. These individuals were set to interact with two other well-known YouTubers, Angry Ginge and Danny Aarons. This marked the 12th installment in the immensely popular “20v1” series, with the Kai Cenat edition already amassing an impressive 60 million views. Throughout our collaboration with the Sidemen on this concept, we’ve had the pleasure of working with notable figures such as Logan Paul, the internet sensation Speed, Filly from Beta squad, and numerous other recognizable faces. The series has consistently delivered engaging content and garnered significant attention from audiences worldwide.