Ealing Bonfire Night

For the Bonfire Night celebration on November 5th, 2023, Glam Slam Entertainments proudly provided a spectacular experience for thousands of attendees at this annual event in Ealing, London. Having been fortunate enough to be the chosen entertainment supplier since 2005, we continued the tradition with an extraordinary showcase.

Our contribution featured various costumed stilt walkers, each adorned in two different styles of family-friendly stilt costumes owned by the agency. The evening began with these captivating figures roaming around the stadium, engaging with the public and creating an enchanting atmosphere. Their presence aimed to greet and excite the attendees in anticipation of the grand firework display and fire show scheduled for later in the night.

The stilt walkers, consisting of two females and one male, became a focal point of the event, attracting a non-stop queue of guests eager to capture memorable moments with them. The audience, filled with enthusiasm, clapped along as our performers added a unique and delightful touch to the celebration.
As the night progressed, our fire stage show took center stage, featuring an array of mesmerizing fire skills. The display included the artistry of poi, fire fans, lyco special effects, fire swords, and fire juggling, captivating the audience’s attention and enhancing the overall ambiance. Glam Slam Entertainments prides itself on delivering a fresh and exciting experience each year, presenting a different fire show and introducing new stilt costumes to entertain the hundreds of ticket holders who eagerly anticipate this exceptional annual celebration.