Break Dancers

Glam Slam, UK entertainment agency, has a large portfolio of breakdancers in London. Our award winning male and female breakdancers are ideal for themed parties, barmitzvahs, product launches and either choreographed shows or individual freestyle performances.

We have the Uk champion breakdance crews on our agency as well as many acts that have performed on the television for Tv shows such as Britain’s got talent and Got to Dance

Over the years the agency has supplied and produced choreographed shows for the likes of Adidas, Reebok, Stella Mccartney, JJB Sports, Samsung, Vodaphone and many other corporate companies for large scale events and product launches

Our club dancers perform freestyle and we have many innovative costumes to give our dancers a modern edge for a club night or dance festival, our breakdancers who also perform locking and popping and other skills of street dance are great for private events such as kids birthday parties, 80’s themed nights, barmitzvahs too

Breakdancers in London
Breakdancers for JJB

Breakdancers at Glam Slam
Breakdancers at Glam Slam

Glam Slam use Championship winning breakdancers supplied for launches, hip hop/urban shows, sport productions and barmitzvah’s. Call 0208 892 0306 for more details.


Club Dancers Act
Dancers for Reebok fashion show

Glam Slam also has Club / Podium Dancers, burlesque dancers and other performers for all events and parties.


Burlesque Club Dancer
Burlesque Podium Dancer
Club Dancer
Mingle Club Dancer
Burlesque Club Dance
Freestyle Burlesque Club Dancer


Dancers at My 2013
Dancers at MY 2013


Breakdancing group
Hip Hop Breakdance Crew
Breakdancers Show
Breakdance Show


Glam Slam Breakdancers
Glam Slam Breakdancers


Funkys Club Dancers
Breakdance Club Dancers
Break Dancers Outside
Male Breakdance Act


Breakdance Artist


2.5 Club Dancers
Male Dance Trio


Adidas Dancers in Holland
Adidas Dancers in Holland
Club Dancers in Action
Club Dancers at Barmitzvah


Fire Performer Club Dancers
Fire Performer Club Dancers


Hula Club Dancer
Hula Club Dancer
Yellow Stilts Club Dancer
LED Yellow Stilts Club Dancer
Breakdancer and Breaker
Female Breakdancers


Dancers at NHM
Podium Dancers at the Natural History Museum
Samsung Club Dancers
Podium Dancers for Samsung


Club Dancers Girls
Angle Grinding Podium Dancers


Club Dancer in Cage
Club Dancer in Cage
Breakdancer on street
Breakdancer on the Street


Breakdancers and Club Dancers at Glam Slam. Call for 07850384061 for availability.