Walkabout acts

Glam Slam walkabout entertainers deliver exciting acts for any corporate event or private party.

Call 0208 892 0306 to book a Walkabout Act from Glam Slam

walkabout hedgemen
Fabulously friendly walkabout Hedgemen, to surprise your guests
Alice in wonderland comedy card duo
Alice in wonderland comedy card duo
walkabout candy girls
These walkabout candy girls, are wacky wonderful addition to your party, sure to leave a sweet taste in your mouth!
walkabout mirror men
This shiny new act, is so cool, the mirror men, dance mingle, interact and are great for photos with guests


comedy walkabout wardens


larger than life spider
Great for outdoor events/festivals
Walkabout candy canes great for outdoor events
Clockwork wind up ballerinas
Comedy easter eggs great for outdoor events
Walkabout comedy presents great for larger than life parties
Phat boy hoodies!! to cause mayhem to your event , they glide on boards around the event, great for festivals or outdoor events, always bring a laugh to the day
Royal comedy footmen, a great theatrical duo, brilliant for meet and greet at weddings etc
Walkabout Dinosaur… this pre historic guest will mingle and surprise
Long arms , crazy guys that are fun for cuddles and snap shots with
Walkabout Candy girls can come in all styles of outfits can serve canapees, sweets and champagne
baby heads walkabout
Walkabout Baby headz, these babies can mingle hand out drinks dance with guests, so fun to have at an event