Entertainment Supplier

Glam Slam – an entertainment supplier like no other

Here at Glam Slam we are proud to provide entertainment in many different forms. We work with talents across a range of areas – including dance, drama, sport and circus just to name a few – to ensure that we can deliver you the best. This means that when you choose us as your entertainment supplier, you can make a choice which is ideal and tailored to your event.

For example, if you are considering a gathering like a party, a dance act can be a great way to add to the energy and positivity! We supply a range of dance troupes and services; capable of impressing guests with a number of styles. We work with talented dancers practicing in a range of genres, including Bollywood, Latin and Flamenco. The amount of choice available means that you can make a selection most appropriate to your event.

Quality kept high

We also offer high-adrenaline dance entertainment. Our Bollywood dancers are recognised for their energetic routines, whilst our snake dancers offer something completely different! When you choose our entertainment supplier services here at Glam Slam you be sure to find something for you. After all, tastes in entertainment differ, and that is what we take very seriously, hence our big range and great offers.

We’ve been working for a number of years to provide top-quality entertainment across a range of events, valuing the enjoyment of our clients as a key priority. Ensure that you browse the website so you can get a real taste of the selections we provide and enhance your event with us today. You certainly won’t be disappointed!