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Burlesque Dancers

Glam Slam book burlesque at its best, with elaborate sets and lush, colourful costumes.

Burlesque dancer GwendolineBurlesque dancer - Gwendoline

London based burlesque performer.

The UK equivalent of Dita Von Tesse, her productions are elaborate and her props and costumes very lavish. A beautiful and very original burlesque dancer.

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Burlesque Couple

French Burlesque Costume



Burlesque performer VelveteenBurlesque dancer - Roxi

London based established burlesque performer.

Very glamorous burlesque show. Her performances range from appetizingly kitch to sophisticated twisted chic.

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Burleque Bathing

The CoCo

The Burlesque Love Show


Burlesque dancers FrivteaseBurlesque dancers - Frivtease

Frivolitease are a feisty, fun and flirty cocktail of frills & feathers, stockings, high heels and tassels, delivered with a nudge and a wink.

Mixing modern day references with the burlesque dancer traditions of the past, they celebrate their femininity whilst defying restrictive notions of womanhood. With a repertoire including super-heroines, lascivious brides, naughty nuns & dancing divas, Frivolitease also choreograph acts with special occasions or events in mind.

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Burlesque Fan Dancing


Burlesque troupe Hurly Burly GirlsBurlesque dancers - Hurly Burly Girls

London based burlesque style troupe.

Glamourous lead singer and burlesque dancers for a fabulous visual show.

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Burlesque Troupe


Miss Twinkle burlesque showBurlesque dancer - Miss Twinkle

Brighton based established burlesque performer.

Very tongue in cheek light hearted performer, her shows are very funny and highly enjoyable.

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Burlesque Costume


vaudeville style singerBurlesque dancer - Ru Blue

Ru Blue is a very talented burlesque performer with a great aerial show where she swings and sings.

She can host your event and sings from a repertoire of smouldering blues ballards, cabaret numbers and tongue-in-cheek vaudeville songs.

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Burlesque Renaissance

Aerial Show


Burlesque fan dancerBurlesque dancer - V Butterfly

A Victorian vaudeville style burlesque dancer.

She dances balletically with a unique fusion of veil dance, Isis dance and burlesque fan-dance styles, as she unfurls her 8ft buttefly wings.

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Fan Dancing

Burlesque Lingerie


Adult burlesque performanceBurlesque dancer - Julia Garcia

Julia Garcia is an original performer whose show is whip cracking and lasso.

A unique burlesque performance with an adult twist.

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Burlesque Whip




Rouge Cabaret burlesque performersBurlesque dancers - The Rouge Dancers

Elegant burlesque cabaret with three stunning dancers.

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Rouge Cabaret




Adult burlesque performer KittyBurlesque dancer - Kitty

Kitty has been delighting audiences all over the world with her original and unmissable stage shows. Kitty has graced the pages of Maxim, FHM and numerous other publications. She has perfomed for Hollywood superstars, to the crowds at Glastonbury and in several music videos. Kitty is as feline and elegant as her name suggests,

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Feline Burlesque




Adult burlesque showgirlBurlesque dancer - Carrie the Dita Von Tesse Lookalikegirl

Dita's signature Martini Glass act is a vintage pin up come to life! Like Dita she bathes in a giant glass with an olive sponge! The glass is a replica of Dita's glass and would be the only one in the country, a one off piece!

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Burlesque Martini Glass

Burlesque Show Girl

Burlesque Pose




Adult burlesque dancer Veronika VBurlesque dancer - Veronika V

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Burlesque Web of Enticement




With its origins in nineteenth century music hall entertainments and vaudeville, in the early twentieth century burlesque emerged as a populist blend of satire, performance art, and adult entertainment, that featured strip tease and broad comedy acts.

Put simply, burlesque means "in an upside down style".

Burlesque is a style of live entertainment that encompasses pastiche, parody, and wit. The genre traditionally encompasses a variety of acts such as dancing girls, chanson singers, comedians, mime artists, and strip tease artistes, all satirical and with a saucy edge.

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