Burlesque dancers

Burlesque dancers

Burlesque artists Supplied by Glam Slam Entertainments, we have over 30 artists and troupes to choose from the agency

Glam Slam have been supplying Burlesque artists ever since its revival back into the mainstream about 10 years ago, since then we have supplied artists to Mick Jaggers private event, nightclubs across the country, some corporate events that like to be risqué! and a vast amount of private events.

We have some very renowned  artists that have won acclaim and awards for their art, as well as beautiful new and exciting artists too.

We are always keeping a look out for who and what’s new  by attending showcases and keeping an eye out for new talent, so that our clients can benefit from the best in Burlesque! whether it be the more vintage traditional style or the slightly quirky neo burlesque

Glam Slam burlesque dancers act

Carrie you see above is the Dita Von Tesse Lookalike for the UK, she can be booked with large props or her large feathered costumes

Burlesque is theatrical entertainment that encompasses comedy, tongue in cheek style humour that often contains tasteful stripping to knickers and nipple Tassles

Our artists shows usually last up to 10 minutes some can incorporate props some work with their glamorous costumes alone, they can often perform 2 separate shows in one evening, and can then mingle with guests for a short while afterwards for photos and a brief chat


Beau Rocks Burlesque
Beau Rocks
White Dress Burlesque
White Dress
Rose Burlesque
Rose Dancer


Rouge Burlesque Dancers
Rouge Dancer Trio


Monroe Burlesque Dancer
Monroe lookalike Dancer
Betsy Burlesque Dancer
Betsy Dancer
Betsy Rose Burlesque
Betsy Rose


Twenties Burlesque Dancer
Twenties Dancer
Feather Burlesque Dancer
Feather Burlesque Dancer
Burlesque Dancers
Burlesque Dance troupe


Snake Burlesque Dancer
Snake Burlesque Act


Dolly Burlesque Dancer
Dolly Burlesque Dancer
Burlesque Dance
Burlesque Dance
Champagne Burlesque Dancer
Champagne Burlesque Dancer


Cabrouge Burlesque
Cabrouge girls


Feathers Burlesque
Feathers and Glamour
Cocktail Glass Burlesque Dancer
Martini Glass Dancer
Casino Burlesque Dancer
Bird cage Dancer


Rouge Girls Burlesque
Rouge Girls


Balloon Burlesque Act
Balloon Act
Card Burlesque Dancer
Card Act
Feline Burlesque Dancer
Feline Burlesque Dancer


Sparkles Burlesque Dancer
Sparkles  Dancer
Fan Burlesque Dance
Feather Fan Dance
Exciting Burlesque Dancer
Exciting Monroe Tribute Act


Burlesque Dance Act
Ring leader Dance Act


Rouge Burlesque
Alternative Balloon Act
Feather Burlesque Dance
Feather Dance
Gwendoline Burlesque Dancer
Gwendoline Dancer

We have over 30 artists and troupes to choose from so please do contact us today either on email or by phone and we would be delighted to help with your event

                                                                 contact us today on   info@glamslamentertainments.com

Call 0208 892 0306 to book